If you have your own cyber cafe in which you have lots of wired and wireless computers then you should use hotpot software. This software has all those features which you will not find anywhere. Due to this software, you can easily control your customers’ time. If any customer has taken specific time, he/she cannot use it above the limit because page will automatically come in the login page. By entering the username and password, user can access the internet again but after paying the charges. Hotspot software is very convenient for those people who are unable to control the time limit of customers due to which they have to bear heavy loss.

This software is also very efficient in providing you correct settings for bandwidth usage. It’s very important to specify the bandwidth usage, if you want to run your business successfully. If you will not pay attention on controlling your users’ bandwidth rate then soon your all computer systems will get crashed. Internet is filled with lots of viruses and spywares. When user click on the websites which has these germs, your whole computer can lose its workability and same situation would be occurred with your other cyber computers.

With the help of this software, you have the chance to give specific bandwidth rate to each user. You have to aware your user that how many bandwidth rates are there and what are their prices. Your cyber customers will be unable to view those websites which are going above the limit of bandwidth rate, due https://www.itosoken.com/ to which your cyber cafe’s computers can be safe from any crash and break down. You can see it very well that it’s all just because of hotspot software which has capability to control your entire cyber cafe business within few minutes.

This software helps you to provide you right billing system. When it comes to calculate the usage of time and bandwidth of particular user’s account, this software will automatically calculate the time and bandwidth and will provide you a receipt in which price is mentioned in order to get from customer. You don’t need to calculate on the spot and let the customer to wait for a while. Through this hotspot software, you can resolve your cyber issues quickly which are no longer difficult. If you want to make your cyber cafe business safe and want to keep the customers away from porn websites then you should buy this software as soon as possible.

With the good support of this software, you can block various websites which are not good and shouldn’t be viewed in your cyber net cafe. Through this software, you will set some keywords which will automatically block those websites and will not be displayed in front of customers. This software is very useful for URL filtering which is necessary to make your cyber cafe unique from other those cafes which are having porn type stuff in their computers. Buy the hotspot software which is best for your desires and requirements and which can best run with your business.