There’s wide range of outdoor furniture available at leading furniture shops, and if you cannot find one suited to your specific needs and requirements you can always get it made from experienced and skilled artisans of al well-established custom furniture making shop. There are certain materials that can withstand diverse weather conditions, not allowing them to cause any significant damage to outdoor furniture. The most reliable outdoor furniture lasts for a long time, thus eliminating the need to replace outdoor furniture frequently.

Extreme Heat

If your restaurant is located in a part of the country that gets extremely hot during the summer, it is likely that you limit your outdoor time as most people would like to relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor environment than getting sun-baked outside. The question here is you may be able to cut down your customers’ outdoor time, but do you limit your chairs and table exposure too? Extreme heat is the number one enemy of commercial outdoor furniture, specially if it is made of plastic which can lose its integrity, thus making it more vulnerable to breaking or shattering.

In hot climate, wicker is one of the most ideal choice of outdoor furniture as it does not get too hot to touch and it can handle much of the heat when left outdoors for a considerable period of time. Make sure to check all furniture at the beginning and end of each year for wear and tear.

Rainy Season

Your restaurant’