Many moms today are running on empty. In the morning, we fill up on a quarter tank of coffee (or our equivalent gasoline), and then try and engage in activities that require a full tank. What happens when our fuel runs out? We get tired, irritable and just plain unproductive, due to our lack of energy. While some moms have learned to operate on adrenaline, the long term effects on our health are detrimental.


I know from talking to many moms that it’s not to what moms want. We want to be full of energy, happy and productive. That’s how most moms define a good day. The good news is we can experience many days like this if we know how to manage our energy. The energy equation formula is simple: Energizers – Energy Drains = JOY! As you can see from this formula, you need far more energizers in your life than energy drains.

Although life as a mom comes with its fair share of energy drains, it is entirely possible to minimize those things that zap our energy. In addition, adding a big dose of energizers to our lives goes a long way for maintaining our energy supply. Think about the last time you took 2-3 hours for yourself. Perhaps you went out and had a great time with some girlfriends or maybe you went to the salon and had your hair done. Whatever you did, I bet you remember coming home feeling refreshed and revived, ready to tackle the demands of motherhood.

Below I have identified for you the three main categories of energy zappers along with some quick fix solutions to turning those energy drains into energizers.

Energy Zapper #1 – Negative Thoughts/Feelings


This category is a loaded one because it contains so much of what moms are dealing with today. Let me just share some of the thoughts and feelings moms express to me. I feel so overwhelmed. I am frustrated because I never get anything done. I feel guilty because I don’t have enough quality time with my kids. I’m afraid we won’t be able to survive financially. I’m worried about my son – he’s having a hard time adjusting. I don’t know what I want to do with my life – I feel so unfulfilled.

Laced throughout all these real life examples are the feelings of guilt, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and doubt. There probably isn’t a mom on this planet that doesn’t feel each and every one of these feelings at one time or another. That’s part of the human experience, but when these feelings are a regular part of our lives, they will zap our energy.

Solution: Make a conscious effort to put these feelings in check.