Romero Britto is an Poster, Art Prints and Oil Painting Artist who was born in Brazil. He is famously known for creating a new form of art expression that reflects positivity towards the world around him. Marching ahead while taking notice of works from modern and early masters, Britto’s contemporary themes, vibrant colour and pop art prints have led him to become a top contemporary artist of this generation.

Romero Britto grew up in a very modest environment as his style and status where always too
minimalist while growing up along with his seven brothers and sisters in Brazil. Though this lifestyle of his did not deter him from being an artist as his art talent allowed him to fill his life, full of pulsating colours and images of this beautiful world using art paintings. He never cared to borrow ideas and techniques from any school of art as his canvas art could be anything
from a piece of cardboard to a newspaper print that he would find around him. His passion and dedication to succeed in art led him to take up several experiments out of the art classroom.

In order to examine the art paintings of the early and modern masters he travelled to Europe to study their oil paintings work. Britto visited many art galleries, museums and trade shows which gave him a very clear idea about art. There on he was motivated to travel to United States as during those times this was the only place where Pop Art was developing. During the next years of his stay he attracted many towards his art prints with his sheer dedication and persistence.

His biggest break came when Absolute Vodka choose Britto’s Art Work into their logo design. This also happened to be a great achievement since great Pop Art Andy Warhol, Haring had also been commissioned for this famous Vodka brand earlier. Thereafter his studio in Miami became a famous destination for Pop Art and Art Lovers as every age group found something to like and admire amongst many of his art prints, posters, oil paintings, framed art and canvas art at display.

Today, Romero Britto is present in several leading art gallery across the world from Singapore, Dubai, London, New York to Paris all these places have his commissioned art prints work on display. His artworks have also found a spot light in several corporate and collector’s commissions. He has also got a distinction of designing postage stamps for United States Postal Administrations along with the very prestig