What is the difference between covert hypnosis and regular Hypnosis?


Covert Hypnosis is a good way to get people to do what you want with them not even knowing, this is only one of the many different kinds of hypnosis.

Chuck  went to see a hypnosis show because he  wanted to  learn Covert Hypnosis, he got there and realized that making somebody hold their fMichael Emery
Michael J. Emeryinger on their nose

• Cluck around like aanimal on stage• Do a silly dance • Jump around on one footIn Covert Hypnosis they •  Control what other people do without them ever knowing• Make themselves appear more lovable around certain people• Will become more successful

In regular hypnosis the outcome is:


• Making people make a fool of them selves. • Absolutely nothing that can benefit you or that person In Covert Hypnosis the outcome is:• You can make somebody go buy you dinner.• Those people will always want to be around you.• You will be able to not work as much for more money.

Regular hypnosis is normally used to put on a show for people to have a good time.  Covert Hypnosis is used mainly by people to make their life better and more successful without having to do as much work. You can use covert hypnosis for many different things in your life, to make your boss like you, so that you can get that promotion and many more. You can get a lot of good things out of this type of hypnosis.

By using covert hypnosis, you are using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)-the art of conversation to make people want to be around you because you make them happy or it can also make people want to stay away from you because you are a very boring person and you make them mad. You are also using mentalism which is the art for causing false realities causing people to believe anything you t