There are different ways that you can schedule your marketing to ensure that you are doing it consistently and as easily as possible. What appeals to you depends mainly on the level of detail and structure you like to have. One person’s organized is another’s straight-jacket!


Some people like to keep their schedule more general by designating a theme of activities for each day. For example:

Monday is communication day – catch up on emails; return phone calls; meet with staff; post on Facebook, online forums and other people’s blogs

Tuesday is client day – meet with clients (in-person or via phone); do client paperwork; answer client questions

Wednesday is writing day – write content for ezine, blog, teleseminar, email marketing, sales page and website content


Thursday is creative day – research new opportunities for affiliates, partners, joint ventures; think of ideas for new products and services; draft outline for workshop you want to give

Friday is administration day – fine-tune schedule and to-do list for next week; file and clean up desk and office space; back up computer; read magazines and ezines

Other people like to divide their day up into different segments. For instance, they may write in the mornings from 9 – 11am, do email until noon, do some reading and brainstorming until 1:30pm, and then spend the rest of the afternoon on client specific activities.

Another way to set up your schedule is to build it around your reoccurring marketing activities and then fill in the spaces with other stuff. For example, every Tuesday morning may be for writing your weekly ezine and 2 new articles for submission. Thursday afternoon is slotted for a weekly teleseminar, Monday morning is devoted to email and every Friday morning you write 3 new blog postings. Client appointments are fit in wherever it’s convenient for both parties.

Still others may determine thei