Are YOU Leaving Money on the Table?

© 2002 Elena Fawkner

For those of us in the U.S., tax time is here again. For those
of you elsewhere, tax time is always around the to Oh
joy, I hear you say. Well, if you’re contemplating an online
home-based business, it may be just that. Really. Here’s

Are you ready to start making money with, say, affiliate
programs or by creating your own information product, but
haven’t really got off the ground yet because you’re stuck
in the stage of thinking you have to learn everything there
is to learn about internet marketing before you can start?
(Which you don’t, but that’s a whole other article.) How
much money have you spent on e-books and other
information products in your quest for the holy grail? How
much money are you spending on your ISP every month?
How much money have you spent on what appeared to
be promising online business programs only to see them bite
the dust? And what about ALL that software you’ve bought
but never used?

Well, even if you haven’t made a dime yet, if you have a
“genuine profit motive”, start thinking outside the paradigm
of the *would-be* online business owner and start thinking
from the perspective of one who is *already* in business.

What does that have to do with tax? Everything.

If you have a *genuine* profit motive for what you’re doing,
then you’re in business. If you’re in business, you can
deduct business-related expenses against business and (if
you’re a sole proprietor), personal, income. Including ISP
fees, including information products, including “secret marketing
site” membership fees. All of it.

See where I’m going with this?

Even fees for what turn out to be bogus programs can be
deducted if you incurred them in pursuit of business profit.
And while we’re on the subject of being hoodwinked, let’s
just get that one out of the way right here. We’re ALL
suckered into falling for at *least* one – it’s called the
school of hard knocks – so don’t dud yourself out of a
righteous deduction just because you’re feeling ever so
slightly foolish for having been suckered, against your
usually MUCH better judgment, into believing that what
sounded too good to be true wasn’t. Even though it was.
Repeat after me – a deduction is a deduction is a deduction.
All that’s required is that you incurred the expense with the