Many people think of business cards as just small cards with contact information to exchange as courtesy with business partners, clients and customers. UK business cards serve as the opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen to stand out against their competitors. There are a variety of printing options in the UK to create the perfect business card that works for you. A business card should highlight your professionalism, your dedication to providing an exclusive product or service, and your aim to be the best in your field of work. A catchy phrase or unique selling point can attract attention to your business card. It should not be something ordinary or regular but a unique headline that can give a reason for others to trust in your business. The trend in UK business cards is to display how trustworthy or dedicated your business is with a short phrase. Phrases such as ~doing business since 1959” makes a customer or client aware of the level of expertise or experience your business has attained. A business card should also give a reason for someone to give a call and find out some more information. A flawless example would be, “call us today to get your free personalised sample!” But it is necessary to keep the contact details and the incentive information separate. Keeping the information separate will keep the layout of your business card organised and easy to read. Colours can be the ideal tool to separate the pertinent information on your business card. Some UK business card designs are created with different colours on each side. One side of the business card is designed to be a bright colour displaying all the important contact information. The other side of the business card will be a different colour to show some of the product or service details and other important information. It is vital to select colours that will go well together and are appealing and attractive. At most, choose two or three colours to apply to your business card design. Too many colours on a business card can detract attention away from your information. Yellow print on white backgrounds is difficult to read so avoid this colour combination as much as possible. Red text print on light coloured backgrounds are popular colour combinations applied in the UK because of their bold and bright appearances. Red text print naturally draws a reader’s attention to the information on your business card.  There is no such thing as too much contact information. Try and include 3 or four different methods of contacting your business so clients and customers can choose the most convenient method for them. Your card should at least have a business telephone number, your personal cell phone number, e-mail address, postal