The Estimation of the construction materials plays some important roles in construction engineering. Before beginning the work, the construction quotes regarding the construction processes, resources and materials have to be given. These all are estimated based on time, budget and certain other factors. The site is a popular construction management website which facilitates the communication between the construction companies and the clients. In simple words, this site acts as construction companies’ directory (directório de empresas) for the clients in Portugal. The site helps to bring a mutual understanding between the companies and
the customers. The reparation of the buildings can be done easily under the registered companies in the website.

The customers can use the benefits provided by these sites. For this, they must sign up as a member and free registration is available here without any payment mode. On viewing these construction quotes, the companies will contact the clients for further proceedings. Because of the large settlements in the populated cities such as Porto and Lisbon, the people living in the surroundings are in thirsty need for Porto companies (empresas Porto) and Lisbon companies (empresas Lisboa) regarding the construction works.

From the company’s point of view, the situation is similar. They too register as a free member in such sites. In addition to that, they have to specify the other details such as construction products, services, construction materials and estimations here. The companies need to monitor the customers’ quotes regularly. They can contact and serve the clients whose construction quotes seem to be possible for the companies. The Porto companies (empresas Porto) in the city are listed in the site with the required details for the people living around the city.

It is normal that a client may receive a large number of requests from the companies, but it is up to his mind on deciding the correct one. They can compare all the quotes and choose the best one that fits their budget and time. The reparation of the buildings is supported greatly with high efficient tools and resources through these companies. Since there are several possibilities are available, the customers and the companies may use this portal service as much as possible.

This is not a single process to perform. After acceptance of the quotes, the estimations based on construction materials, labor, plant and time have to be considered. The Lisbon companies (empresas Lisboa) offer a wide range of constructi